Garden Apartments

"King's Garden" - so this place was called the last century. Today the Latvian capital Mezhapark is the greenest and most prestigious residential area.

"King's Garden" - so this place was called the last century. Today the Latvian capital Mezhapark is the greenest and most prestigious residential area. There is a real forest park, with clean air and a large lake, where, according to the seasons can be found right in your heart pleasant exercise. "Garden Apartments" home is located 15 minutes by car from the city center of Riga seashore, as well as a 25-minute drive from Riga Airport. This wonderful place combines everything a heart could desire-to live in the forest and lake, a variety of cultural and sporting events, as well as an excellent infrastructure.


" Garden Apartments " project advantages.
Location Mežaparks .
• "King's Garden " - so this place was called the last century. Today the Latvian capital Mezhapark is the greenest and most prestigious residential area .
• There is a real forest park, with clean air and a large lake, where, according to the seasons can be found right in your heart pleasant exercise .
• " Garden Apartments " home is located 15 minutes by car from the city center of Riga seashore , as well as a 25-minute drive from Riga Airport.
• This wonderful place combines everything a heart could desire - to live in the forest and lake , a variety of cultural and sporting events , as well as an excellent infrastructure.
  House 's own garden.
• High personal " Garden Apartments " area , which occupies 6454 m2 will be fenced and richly landscaped .
• "Garden Apartment " people will be able to enjoy the natural beauty and harmony in our own wonderful garden with pine and fruit trees will be decorated in a comfortable shade gazebos , benches and children's playground .
• All apartments have spacious terraces , which can be optionally limit your leisure , while the majority of the first-floor apartment owned by a real garden with a hedge .
 Architectural solutions and home interior decorating.
• Our home is only three floors , which is the optimal solution for a harmonious space between heaven and earth .
• facades of houses will be trimmed natural mahogany - ash , which passed heat treatment .
• Our home will be able to " breathe " through quality insulation materials.
• Large panorāmlogi to the floor of each apartment will ciemoties light and sunlight.
• The apartments will be put into service with full interior . All apartments have oak hardwood plank floors , colorful designer tiles, stone bath and Villeroy & Boch sanitary ware.
Comfort .
• Due to a large green area and the deployment of a private neighborhood , " Garden Apartments " will allow citizens may feel that they are located outside the city , far away from the rush and noise.
• Heated underground parking will help you to feel comfortable during the cold months.
• Each " Garden Apartments " in the house is a modern elevator that connects the apartments with a garage .
• Our house insulation exceeds the building codes and make the most energy efficient and economical apartments .
• We have installed a high-quality dual-chamber ( 3 glasses ) wooden double-glazed windows , which lets you keep a room warm and protected from the street noise.
• Home heating we have chosen the best gas boiler , which will allow people to save significantly on heating bill .
• Each apartment will be equipped with a separate heat , electricity and water meters that will allow people as needed to regulate the use of these resources .

Load-bearing structures , floors

Bearing structures are mostly 300mm thick walls of solid concrete (class B30 ) , but the locations they are 300 mm wide FIBO masonry walls .

Floor Covering from 50 to 220 mm concrete, 60 mm thick expanded polystyrene extruded round and light concrete leveling layer .


Terraces constitute 21% of the total area of the building . Terracing of slope composed of 2-6 cm thick layer of expanded clay concrete , thus forming a 0.5-1.5 % slope for drainage .

Terraces built double injection and at two different levels , which provides water to Tecia terraces . Installed over insulation of terrace 7 cm thick reinforced concrete is poured . Terraces fully installed insulation layer provides insulation inside buildings ( built in accordance with the Bank standards). Under the existing terraces lining is insulated so as to avoid the formation of the apartments ' height of bridges . " Concrete is covered with high- quality Italian stone tiles and joints treated with a water -tight joint filler . Water collection terraces built " ACO END ' ladders and channels. Patio rod made ​​of stainless steel. Especially thought the patio railing fastening elements to nobojātu waterproofing , as well as to prevent future expiration of the formation of the facade .


Facade made ​​with three types of materials : raw concrete , covered with a transparent dust the bottom of the ventilated facade built with ETERNIT front plates but particularly attractive facade makes Estonia produced " THERMORY " ash wood boards that are cooked with steam at high temperatures . In this way, we selected a wooden plank lifetime is several times higher than standard boards because they spindle , not decay , does not absorb moisture, do not expand and shrink . Front boards are further processed by the German manufacturer BWS oil in brown tone.

The outer walls

The external walls are built from 5MP type ( compressive strength ) fiber blocks with plaster on the one hand and rockwool and plasterboard lining on the other. Used to insulate the facades of 150-200 mm Rockwool stone wool .


In our home we have chosen 78 mm thick impregnated and varnished pine wood construction with aluminum windows lining the front part .

They used the double glass units . The inner glass pane of 6 mm thickness , is treated with a selective coating and, where necessary , using 4 - 6mm thick glass average , whereas the external glass of 6 mm thickness , which is coated with UV . Packets are filled with argon gas and provides 35dB of sound insulation. Outer glass reflects 33% of the external heat and 25 % on the inside.

Water resistance characteristic up to 600 Pa , thermal coefficient ( Uw values) is ~ 1.00 ( m2 K ) .

The large plate glass is hardened from both outside and inside. Along the perimeter of the glazing is installed " CHROMATECH " ultra- frames, which provides an effective reduction of heat loss that normally occurs between the window frame and glass package. The assembly will be installed in both external and internal vapor barrier tape . Plastic windows installed in the basement with five plastic camera system.

The latest technology air valves provide a convenient and enjoyable operation window . Visby on the street side windows have a special, light toning and partial mirror effect to protect the apartments from the summer heat . The apartments are fitted to the outer and the inner sills .


The roof is built in vapor barrier underlay , solid wool insulation laid in 250-350 mm thick (depending on the slope ) , and more than double the insulation applied " UNIFLEX ENP " waterproofing . Roof particular focus on the development of the vapor barrier layer of protection. Roof ventilation by means of installed aerators .

Roof parapets made ​​of sheet metal cover and matching stone wool insulation .

The internal walls

Starpdzīvokļu walls between apartments are built from 200mm thick concrete MPa5 of fiber concrete blocks that are reinforced and plastered on both sides. Wall provides 55dB of sound insulation that meets the Latvian construction . Shafts are made of 100 mm thick blocks of fiber MPa5 .


At the site , the parking lot and stairwells have installed a video surveillance system . All common areas are installed heat and smoke detectors, which send alarm signals to the technical space. The apartments operate independent smoke detector alarm system .


Particular attention is paid to quality exchange of indoor air . In order to avoid any impact on ventilation neighbors, each apartment kitchen and toilet facilities are built in a separate air exhaust duct . Each pit is built individual channel fans, who will provide sufficient air flow traction.

The underground car park ventilation provides car exhaust ventilation shafts excretion .


Apartments larger than 80 m2, living rooms will be installed in the American firm YORK inverter air-conditioners, which adjusts the air cooling capacity , depending on the room temperature , thus saving electricity .


The building is connected to the A / S " Latvian gas" pipeline . Stairway enclosures shall be installed thermal tracking system , which calculates the heat consumption of each apartment .

Flats are equipped with the company " Purmo " radiators and convectors thermoregulatory function. Each apartment is built manifold , which will provide an even distribution of heat in the apartment 's existing , and prevent air bubbles being in the heating system .

Lavatory in addition to the convenience and comfort are to be fitted with underfloor heating DEWI 535 regulator apartment owner will allow him to heat the floor at the desired times and temperatures.

Basement existing boiler house installed the latest generation of " Wiessman " condensation gas boilers VITODENS 200 -W 30-200 kW, which helps to save on gas bill , compared to conventional boilers .

 Water Supply / Sewerage

The building is " Riga Water " city water main connection.

Each apartment has a digital water meter building manager can automatically read the entire apartment hallways meter readings . The building is provided with a hot water circulation . DHW boiler going home.

Basement of the building up of fire fighting water supply system .

Detailed site is built sewer and drainage system that provides drainage of the building and its adjoining areas closer . On the terrace of the building and the roof is up lietuskanalizācijas system with heated ACO END rain drainage channels and terraces hoppers . The building 's underground garage built manufacturing sewer system with ACO END drainage system channels that collect all types of liquids ( snow, water, oil ) produced by cars parked in the basement .

Sewage is treated in the basement of the existing oil and sand. Apart from the sewer is constructed conditioner condensate discharge system which eliminates the odor from the sewer apartments .

Detailed site- built garden irrigation system .


The apartments are modern thought and sockets and switches position to provide apartment residents with the ultimate in comfort and convenience . It is installed in the company " SIEMENS " sockets and switches mechanisms .

The apartment electricity consumption readings can be automatically read the manager of the building , without disrupting the apartment owners .

Apartment bathrooms are fitted built-in LED lights . Living quarters are installed bulb , allowing owners to choose their own taste of appropriate light sources .

The building has a built-in passive lightning protection system .


The two companies Schindler latest generation of passenger lifts S3100 with a special form of internal finishes ( polished and painted wall panels , doors and ceilings ) , which will allow passengers to get from the parking lot to the apartment door . Elevators powered by bezreduktora engine, and they are reinforced polyurethane reinforced V- belts, which provides an exceptionally quiet elevator movement . Access to the third standing by the elevator will be possible only with a special key.


Residential building is backed telecommunications company "Lattelecom" Services ( Internet , phone, TV) . Each apartment will be built in optical drive cable .

video Intercom

The apartments are equipped with a video door phone Commax . Each owner will be able to connect to the intercom at the gate of the building and the apartment entrance door.

In addition , all owners of apartments will be provided with magnetic cards to the entrance area , the building and in the stairwell of an underground car park .

Apartment finish

The apartment walls and ceilings will be painted with the Swedish manufacturer Beckers paint finish that provides long-lasting color resistance to dust, moisture and even washing. Along the perimeter of the living room will be constructed in the shadow seams that create a sense of a higher ceiling areas. In turn, the windows will be built around a subterranean box curtain rod for installation .

The living room floor is covered with massive oak planks with facets . These boards are 22 mm thick , approximately 162 mm wide and 800 to 2,200 mm long. Along the perimeter of the floor will be uzstādītas140 mm high solid oak skirting boards with machined ornaments .

Among the rooms will be installed veneered oak paneled door type . Doors will be 2300 mm high and 700-900 mm wide , depending on the room . Doors will uzstādītas120 mm wide door moldings . Doors made ​​Latvian door production Mežmaļi .

Apartment front door of veneered oak will fire with fire factor EI30 . The doors will be improved soundproofing and will be equipped with high-quality hinges , locks and door handles.

Bathrooms on the walls and floors will be installed tiles produced in Italy . Toilet will be installed in the ceiling built-in LED lights , which significantly saves power .

Bathrooms will be installed Latvian manufacturer PAA stone baths and stone shower trays . Will be installed Willeroy & Boch bowls and sinks . You've chosen a German manufacturer Grohe faucets and mixers and showers Italian company ALPI system .

Each bathroom will be installed in the oil electric towel warmers .

Hallway floor Claes Italian tiles.


Insulated underground parking will provide a comfortable temperature of +5 ° C all year round. Parking lot built CO exhaust system , which collects the harmful car exhaust , and installed automatic fire smoke extract , which opens a window in the basement sadūmojuma case .


54 % of the total site area occupied by well-maintained garden. Along the perimeter of the area surrounded by both coniferous and deciduous trees . Territory Claes lawn, will be built roots and orchard , and ornamental plantings beds . The area will be laid in the pavement surface , installed wooden benches , children's playground with a rubber cover, two wooden pergolas , one of which will be equipped with a fireplace and a sink . In the evenings, the garden will be lit up with lanterns . Street side of the territory is surrounded by a wooden fence , but the rest of the area with a metal wall .

Rīga, Mežaparks, Visbijas prospekts 45 -Bella

Flat number Floor Room count Living area Balcony/terrace Total area Price Plan
11 1 2 58.00 11.00 69.00 Sold
13 1 3 80.00 14.00 94.00 Sold
14 1 2 58.00 5.00 63.00 Sold
17 2 3 80.00 14.00 94.00 Sold
18 2 2 58.00 5.00 63.00 Sold
19 3 4 167.00 210.00 377.00 Sold

Rīga, Mežaparks, Visbijas prospekts 45 - Anna

Flat number Floor Room count Living area Balcony/terrace Total area Price Plan
3 1 3 80.00 14.00 94.00 Sold
4 1 2 58.00 5.00 63.00 Sold
5 2 2 52.00 11.00 63.00 Sold
6 2 4 105.00 23.00 128.00 309,000 €
7 2 3 80.00 14.00 94.00 Sold
8 2 2 58.00 5.00 63.00 Sold
9 3 4 169.00 210.00 379.00 Sold

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