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7 reasons for investing in Riga

Riga is a city which has a strong potential for development, and is at present the driving force of the Latvian economy, as well as a significant metropolis of the Baltic sea region.

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Rīga, Vecrīga, Peldu iela

3,500,000 €


Jūrmala, Dubulti, Iecavas iela

1,700,000 €

Sale multifunctional house (building) located in close proximity to the dune area. The house was commissioned in July 2016 and has various possibiliti…


Jūrmala, Dubulti, Iecavas iela

900,000 €

Sale half of house, which is located in close proximity to the dune area. The house was commissioned in July 2016. The house has two identical halves,…


Rīga, Ziemeļblāzma, Jaunciema gatve

150,000 €

Sale of land adjacent to the Jaunciema gatve for 60 meters, on the side of the lake, near the station Ziemelblazma. From the site to the lake approxim…


Rīga, Iļģuciems, Slokas iela

2,000,000 €

Sale of land at the intersection of Sloka and Kuldigas, adjacent to the botanical garden of the University of Latvia. The plot is suitable for constru…


Jelgavas raj., Ozolnieku nov., Ozolnieku pag., Ozolnieki

90,000 €

"Vecgulbji", Ozolnieki district. Sale of land, which is located near the river "Misa" and not far from Jelgava and Ozolnieki. The plot is suitable for…


Rīgas raj., Carnikavas nov., Carnikava

860,000 €

Investment object is in Carnikava, 500 meters from the Gulf of Riga and 25 km from Riga. Property Area 10.55 hectares. In accordance with the territor…


Rīga, Centrs, Vaļņu iela

8,400,000 €

Building in Riga city, at Valnu street 3, was designed in 1912 by architect Herbert Timermans. Its construction was completed in 1914 - before the Fir…


Rīga, Centrs, Gogoļa iela

1,650,000 €

Offered investment Project - "Gostiny Dvor" Wellton Hotel, 4 stars, 105 Suites. There are all the documents - value assessment, architecture design,…

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