New Projects

  • Park Alley II

    Park Alley II

    An innovative and modern residential area is located at 35, Pulkveza Brieza Street – in the historical centre of the city, which is included in the list of places of the world cultural and natural her

  • Sun Terraces

    Sun Terraces

    Modern residential complex “Sun Terraces” is a manifest and an ode to the Sun. Located at 36 Dzintaru prospect, in the very heart of Jurmala.

  • Quadrus


    Famous, award-winning architect Gatis Didrihsons' Quadrus is a symbiosis of unique architectural qualities and a perfect location.

  • Astra House

    Astra House

    Two three-storied houses with covered terrace are located in a quite area of Yurmala in Pumpuri, 150 meters from the sea, in the sand-dune zone.

  • Dune Residence

    Dune Residence

    Elite complex Dune Residence, located just 100 meters from the sea, blends harmoniously into the Jurmala landscape.

  • Baltozoli


    BALTOZOLI is a modern and thoughtful apartment in one of the greenest districts in Riga, enabling you to enjoy peace and natural harmony along with the convenience of the proximity of the city center.

  • Philosophers Residence

    Philosophers Residence

    The Philosophers’ Residence – it is a tribute to future residents, each of them following their own path, their own life philosophy, their own choice.

  • Library House

    Library House

    Residential complex in Jurmala



    Feel the breeze in the very heart of Riga!

  • Riverside Residence

    Riverside Residence

    Project represents itself the interaction between architecture of different ages.



    Urban house with grandmothers’ garden in Kipsala

  • Valdemāra Rezidence

    Valdemāra Rezidence

    An Art Nouveau gem in the very centre of Riga city

  • Elizabetes Rezidence

    Elizabetes Rezidence

    The project Elizabetes Rezidence is a unique combination of values of classical architecture and modern construction technologies, original design solutions and maximum comfort.

  • Dzirnavu 6

    Dzirnavu 6

    Apartments for sale in the new project on Dzirnavu street 6.

  • Venecija


    A part of Jurmala, where the residential complex "Venice" is located, is probably the best place for an easy comfortable life without stress and worries.

  • Pinki



  • Sky Garden

    Sky Garden

    SKY GARDEN is a series of homes with a complete infrastructure. It is a city in a city and the first project of its type in Jurmala.

  • Ganību Loft

    Ganību Loft

    Apartment on the outskirts of downtown, with the most balanced combination of price and rental rates.

  • Kaivas Residential

    Kaivas Residential

    New residential complex in Mežciem.

  • Green Village

    Green Village

    Cottage settlement «Green Village» is the starting point of a new life.

  • Riverstone Residence

    Riverstone Residence

    he new project will consist of modern, high quality and comfortable two, three, four and five room apartaments with a living area of 56.1m2 - 143.6m2 with large terraces and balconies.



    KADO KARIM – national project of world class, the upper-class suites characterized by composure and impeccable sense of style typical to Baltic nature, but at the same time with its free and daring sp



    Modern residential complex "QUARTER 67" is located in the best area in Riga - Purvciems. Address Unijas Street 67th

  • Dzīvokļi Dzintaros

    Dzīvokļi Dzintaros

    Residential complex in Jurmala, Dzintari

  • Pinewood APARTMETS

    Pinewood APARTMETS

    New residential complex in Jurmala PineWood Apartments is located a short walk from the clean sandy beach. It comprises a total of 30 apartments.

  • Admirāļu osta

    Admirāļu osta

    new project in Jurmala, Lielupe River - offers a completely new concept of comfortable life. Unique home location, developed infrastructure and original design solutions enable comple.

  • Esplanade Riga

    Esplanade Riga

    Quiet offices in the center in the Art Nouveau district.

  • ‘’Nordeka Park Haus ‘’

    ‘’Nordeka Park Haus ‘’

    '' Nordeka Park Haus '' housing project is located in one of the most family-friendly of the greenest districts of Riga - Iļģuciems! Safe, well maintained and family-friendly environment - these are j

  • Dzīvokļi Dzirnavu ielā

    Dzīvokļi Dzirnavu ielā

    "J5" are the three high-end residential complex in Riga, Jerusalem Street 5th

  • Vivaldi Platinum

    Vivaldi Platinum

    The residential complex Vivaldi Platinum is located in the oldest part of Jūrmala resort Dubulti. A walk from the residence to the centre of Jūrmala city takes 15 minutes and the sea is located at a 5



    "BITERA 6" is three storey apartment building. It is located in quiet and green suburb Imanta, next to Anniņmuiža's park.

  • Elegia


    New residential complex in Jurmala - "Elegy" consists of 3 x independent houses, integrated into a single complex.

  • Skanstes Parks

    Skanstes Parks

    Your new modern and comfortable apartment will be located in one of the most prospective new areas of Riga.

  • Valdemāra 37

    Valdemāra 37

    Modern apartments near center, house built by Art Nouveau pioneer Latvian, Eugen Laube project .

  • Biķerziedi


    The new complex "Biķerziedi" is one of Riga's historic greenest areas - Teika.

  • Midtown apartments

    Midtown apartments

    Project Midtown Apartments is located in the historical centre of Riga, in a quiet and prestigious area - Hospitalu Street 39.

  • Melluži


    Beautiful place in Jurmala, Melluzi, Kadiku street 7. 600 meters from the sea, 20 km from Riga.

  • Domino


    Residential building “Domino” is located in quiet and calm area – Sampeteris, but in same time relatively close to city centre.

  • Priedes


    New modern house, on the left side of the Daugava River, in a pine grove, on the street Pupukyu 9 (early 68 st Gulbju ), Riga.

  • R8 Apartments

    R8 Apartments

    A dwelling house “Rembates 8” for modern and cost-effective living!

  • Puikules 12

    Puikules 12

    Green residential area and within easy reach - the same Vecāķu heart - is a new, quality project, which is founded on the idea of serving healthy,

  • La Melodie

    La Melodie

    "La Melodie" is the absolutely unique project for the centre of Riga, where all the apartments have a front look.

  • Šarlotes 7

    Šarlotes 7

    New modern house in Riga central Charlotte Street 7th

  • Art Luxury House

    Art Luxury House

    Residential complex «Art Luxury House» - a worthy example of the best real estate in Europe for people who are accustomed to luxury and are not going to live differently!

  • Tirgoņu 11

    Tirgoņu 11

    Old Riga, Doma Square, St. Peter’s Church – all at a short distance and direct view from the building on Tirgonu Street 11, 13, 15.

  • Skanstes Majas

    Skanstes Majas

    Skanste is one of the most promising areas in the new Riga. Its potential is magnified by a territory developed by the construction company Merks spanning an area of approximately 21 hectares.

  • Jaunā Teika

    Jaunā Teika

    This is the place where you are created – a clever, dynamic city-dweller with your finger on the pulse, creating, working, living and enjoying yourself. Jaunā Teika is about you - people with drive, d

  • Ezerparka Nami

    Ezerparka Nami

    Like each day and each month… Like four seasons in Latvia and four directions… So beautiful and diverse are apartments in project Ezerparka Nami.

  • FELICITY apartments

    FELICITY apartments

    Felicity Apartments - a new standart of living in the heart of Riga. This modern building comprises everything that modern urban residents appreciate the most - a functional loyout for relaxation and

  • La Casa Verde

    La Casa Verde

    The unique location. The club house of a small number of apartments is perfectly located within 100 metres from the sea and 500 metres from the Concert Hall in the most luxurious and exclusive area of

  • Albatross 2

    Albatross 2

    The new investment project is located in the “quiet centre”, at a distance of 15 minutes drive to Riga International Airport, not far from the embankment of the river Daugava and the Port of Riga.

  • Kabiles 70

    Kabiles 70

    Row houses complex in Marupe, Infrastructure and modern environment, quality and warranty, Energy Efficiency, Price with full trim and equipment 1000 EUR / m2

  • Ё-mas House

    Ё-mas House

    "Jomas House» - is Apella new project in Jurmala. Compact and cozy apartments in the center of Jurmala - on the famous Jomas street.

  • Ceriņu 3

    Ceriņu 3

    Jurmala lilac - nature and the sea in your window you'll see!

  • saktas iela 1a

    saktas iela 1a

    All the apartments are brand-new with the attention to the smallest details. Luxurious materials the finishing of the apartments interiors. only four apartments are still available at the moment.

  • pilskalnu iela 9

    pilskalnu iela 9

    Two two-storey houses consisting of four apartments in Mārupe. The houses are situated in a quiet private development,



    CENTRUS is a city inside the city, providing a comfortable living space, high-quality business location and a special place to relax.

  • Elizabeth


    High-class professionals of the leading companies in the field have united for Elizabeth project quality implementation, engaging their vast experience essential for successful realization of such a

  • The Pearl

    The Pearl

    The Pearl - luxury apartment residence. The Pearl is located in Baltezers – one of the most prestigious private villas residential areas just outside of Riga.

  • Club Central Residence

    Club Central Residence

    Club Central Residence is a unique example of modern architecture, designed and developed for the requirements of active and successful city dweller.

  • Saliena


    The Ideal Home - Saliena offers its future residents a wide range of options to suit every taste and budget, detached family homes and elegant town houses.

  • Skolas 20

    Skolas 20

    The renovated buildings at Skolas 20 are among Lāčplēša, Skolas and Baznīcas streets.

  • ērkšķu iela 2

    ērkšķu iela 2

    The project at Ērkšķu iela 2, Riga is located in the Imanta suburb of the city, in a quiet, green residential area.

  • Petite Fleur

    Petite Fleur

    Over his head softly noise pine grove ... A light breeze refreshes the skin, a cup of coffee warms hands, and only a few seconds a pleasant walk along a quiet street Turaidas separated from the white-

  • Jurmala Palace

    Jurmala Palace

    Gentle hand touched the architect of all the apartments. Thought insolation, layout and functionality of each room in the house for maximum comfort and reliability.

  • Jaunzemu


    This project is intended for those with proximity to major cities, but also living quiet, private, green place. This area is well developed infrastructure



    In the building images and forms, the architect of the apartment block conveys the originality of the legendary figures of the 20th century - Winston Churchill, Audrey Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich, and E

  • Saliena - dzīvokļi

    Saliena - dzīvokļi

    The Ideal Home - Saliena offers its future residents a wide range of options to suit every taste and budget: spacious apartments, detached family homes and elegant town houses.

  • Gertrudes 23

    Gertrudes 23

    Renowned Riga architect’s Eijens Laube building of 1909 are renovated in the scope of this project. The current reconstruction project is built around the Art Modern architectural monument –the 1909

  • Park Side

    Park Side

    Rupniecibas street 34a, located next to one of the most beautiful parks of Riga - Viestura Garden.

  • Elizabete Garden Residence

    Elizabete Garden Residence

    Elizabete Garden Residence is an exclusive 19th century residential building in the Quiet Centre of Riga. Citizens admit the Quiet Centre to be the most respectable part of the city for living. The

  • Imperial Residence

    Imperial Residence

    Imperial Residence - luxury apartments - in the historic building built in 1903 by architect J. K. J. Felsko in the style of eclecticism at 28 Valmieras street.



    The residential complex Sun Republic (Republic of the sun) is ĶĪŠUPE estuary, 150 meters from the Baltic Sea, Saulkrasti. Sun Republic is the largest resort real estate project Latvian

  • Nordeķu Nams

    Nordeķu Nams

    New house located in a well-maintained area. Walls are made of solid concrete, floors - from monolithic concrete. Heating, water supply and sewerage. Completion date: July 2008.

  • Art Terra

    Art Terra

    According to the dwelling house of the village master plan for future development Upesciems, Garkalne area provides 42 residential buildings with a complete fully decorated, landscaped areas and the n

  • Garden Apartments

    Garden Apartments

    "King's Garden" - so this place was called the last century. Today the Latvian capital Mezhapark is the greenest and most prestigious residential area.

  • The Key

    The Key

    We are proud to offer 23 luxury-class flats in a club-type apartment building that is found in a well-appointed and prestigious part of Jūrmala. We are offering you new trends and original solutions

  • Skanste


    Skanste is one of the most promising areas in the new Riga. Its potential is magnified by a territory developed by the construction company Merks spanning an area of approximately 21 hectares divided

  • Upīša pasāža

    Upīša pasāža

    Selling newly built Penthouse apartment with a full finish in the center of Riga - "Upīša arcade".

  • MARTAS 7

    MARTAS 7




    The location is what makes the Saulkrastu Nams project appealing. Saulkrasti is a green town bordered by the sea. The sea makes this town attractive to visitors.

  • Decimus


    Premium class apartment house project Decimus in the Silente center of Riga.



    In offer for sale exclusive apartments with full finish in the new 9-apartment deluxe clubhouse in Riga.



    The Ridzene Residence is a purpose-built building with high quality services at all levels.



    „Vāgnera Rezidence” is prestige, safe and tidy residence for people who appreciate high quality of the life level.



    In a beautiful part of the quiet center of Riga , surrounded by pearls of the Jugend style is constracting a new project TAL RESIDENCE.

  • Lāčplēša 7

    Lāčplēša 7

    Residental building in Riga, Lacpelsa street 7 was built in 1909 by Paul Mandelstam design and is Jugendstil residental building model.

  • Dammes Liepas

    Dammes Liepas

    «Dammes Liepas» - is a new project of apartment buildings in Imanta!

  • Petit Paris

    Petit Paris

    Project Petit Paris is located in the Silent center of Riga on the Emila Melngaila street 2. Close to shops, recreation places, public transport, 5 minutes to the Old Town, 25 minutes to Jurmala.



    Welcome home. In the very center of Jurmala near the sea, we have built for you Das Haus - exclusive cozy home. Here, everything is left as an expensive German car.

  • Ģipša Fabrika

    Ģipša Fabrika

    Extraordinary residential project "Gypsum Factory" is an exclusive place of Riga - Kipsala, in the vicinity of flowing through the city center of the Daugava River, with a wonderful view of Riga!

  • Park Alley

    Park Alley

    A new residential complex in the heart of Riga PARK ALLEY - is near respectable district of embassies, close to the active center of Riga.

  • Jomas apartamenti

    Jomas apartamenti

    Sale, modern apartment in the new 11-apartment, brick house club type 500 meters from the Baltic Sea and 250 meters from the street Joma - the main pedestrian street of Jurmala.

  • Alberta 1

    Alberta 1

    1 House on Alberta Street was built in 1901, in his appearance reflects the transition from eclecticism to Jugendstil. At present, it is reclaiming its original glory - and in the apartments...

  • Fregat


    Three-story brick apartment complex FREGAT located in the historic center of Jurmala, Bulduri avenue Meza. The apartments a great view of the pine forest. Quiet, quiet, fresh sea air.

  • Skanstes Virsotnes

    Skanstes Virsotnes

    Implemented one of the largest residential complexes in the center of Riga. Consists of four 24-storey high-rise buildings, witch are located near Skanstes and Jāņa Daliņa streets.

  • Dubultu Rezidence

    Dubultu Rezidence

    The apartment complex “Dubultu Rezidence” is located in the prestige area of Jurmala City, at the seashore of the Gulf of Riga. There is an adorable sight of the Gulf of Riga and the river Lielupe.