7 Reasons for investing in Riga

  1. Riga is a city which has a strong potential for development, and is at present the driving force of the Latvian economy, as well as a significant metropolis of the Baltic sea region.

    78 % of foreign direct investments into Latvia are concentrated in Riga.

    The proportion of Riga in the country’s GDP stands at 55 %.

  2. Riga, a city where an educated and qualified labour force is available. The city is a significant educational centre both on a national and international scale.

    79 % of all Latvian students study in Riga.

    More than a half of Latvian residents, aged 25 to 64, fluently speak a foreign language, which is the highest level of foreign language knowledge in the European union.(Eurostat).

  3. Riga is a developed centre of transport infrastructure. The city is a chief hub between the east and the west.

    Riga can be reached by air from 82 cities of 38 countries, by rail from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Estonia, by sea from Germany and Sweden, by road from more than 100 European cities.

    Freeport of Riga

    Freeport of Riga plays a significant role in operation of the multimodal transport corridor west - east and north - south. Thanks to a well developed network of motor roads and railways, the Freeport of Riga is directly connected to the main freight consumption centres and extraction – processing regions in the CIS and Russia.


    Riga international airport

    Riga international airport is the largest international aviation company in the Baltic region and is the chief hub of the region, ensuring regular passenger, freight and mail transportation by civil aircraft from Europe and other parts of the world.


  4. Riga is an attractive destination for tourists providing rich cultural heritage and masterpieces of architecture.

    Since 1997, the Riga historical centre has been included into the UNESCO list of world heritage.

    The city is the art nouveau metropolis, as almost 1/3 of Riga’s historical centre buildings represent the art nouveau style. Such a concentration of art nouveau buildings is unparalleled in Europe.

    Multiform wooden architecture heritage can be also found in Riga.

  5. Riga is a city of new ideas which is open to creativity and innovation.

    Creative industries – film industry, architecture and modern art – are concentrated in Riga.

    Export capable enterprises, which manufacture innovative products, are based in Riga.

  6. Riga, a center of culture and a venue of various cultural events.

    Riga has been nominated for the title of the European capital of culture 2014.

  7. Riga is a city with north European business ethics and experience of cooperation with the eastern region.

    Such recognized north European companies as Statoil, Radisson blu, Tele 2, etc. provide jobs for several hundreds of residents. 80 % of the freight turnover of the Freeport of Riga is transit freight shipped to/from the CIS.