ID:59869 Rīga, Centrs, Vaļņu iela 3

Building in Riga city, at Valnu street 3, was designed in 1912 by architect Herbert Timermans. Its construction was completed in 1914 - before the First World War. Fortunately, the house was not destroyed during the war, and in the interwar period there was one of the first autosalon in the world "Fiat" . The yard of the house crosses the historical street Maza Keninu, which once connected the square "Livu" and the boulevard "Bastej". During the reconstruction of the building pass through this street was rebuilt. All four internal facade are decorated in different styles, which creates the illusion of walking around the city. Reconstruction of the building took place in 2006 - have been completely restored interior load-bearing structures of the building, equipment air conditioning and ventilation systems, autonomus gas heating system of the building, renovated interior and exterior electrical wiring system. The building is conditionally divided into two parts - an office part and residential part, at each of which is installed an elevator. In the courtyard of the building is equipped with an indoor mall, and installed a copy of the sculpture of the "Golden Knight", the original of which in 1897 was near - on the boulevard "Bastej".


Commercial premise


8,400,000 €



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