The new complex "Biķerziedi" is one of Riga's historic greenest areas - Teika.

Residential building complex “Bikerziedi” is developed in well-chosen location in Riga, area Teika. In each house has apartments  with two, three and four rooms of a size ranging from 46 to 88 m². For each apartment has a balcony. There are underground and parking lots. 

parking in the yard - 4 000 euros 
- underground parking place - 6 000 euros 

The new complex "Biķerziedi" is important not only to the fact that it is positioned in a strategic location in Riga sentences, with excellent public transport and infrastructure required to live around, but also because it is one of Riga's historic greenest areas.

The territory around the buildings includes well organized courtyard with playground, recreational areas, greenery. Territory will be lighted also. 

Construction of residential buildings

Bored piles, reinforced concrete

Exterior walls
Masonry wall of light concrete blocks with external insulation

Monolithic concrete

Walls between apartments - light concrete masonry wall blocks, drywall, sound-insulating material
Partitions in apartments - plasterboard in two layers, from rooms with high humidity is used moisture resistant drywall, Filling between layers of stone wool

Walls communications mines - plasterboard in two layers, from rooms with high humidity is used moisture resistant drywall, insulation using mineral wool

Waterproofing in two layers, the upper and lower layers of insulation, made from concrete

Balconies - reinforced concrete, painted, painted metal fence railings with tempered glass, the balcony railing attached flower boxes, made of composite material. Balconies partially glazed. 

Internal stairs
Concrete staircases finishing

PVC windows

Entrance doors of buildings
Doors aluminum construction

Each staircase buildings provided a lift

The entrance
* entrances to the building without elevation in relation to the level of the territory of the court;
* doors without threshold;
* size of the room between the entrance doors 1,5 m x 2,2 m;
* elevator car dimensions 1.1 m x 1,4 m;
* in each section of the building provided the passenger elevator of the building basement to the fifth floor. 

Network engineering

Two-pipe heating system with the lower division of the main pipelines and the main riser. Provided individual registration of heat consumption for each apartment. The heat output is provided in the building of urban heating systems. 

Water supply
Central city water supply. To account for the consumption in the communications shaft of each apartment are located counters with hot and cold water. 

Each apartment has a separate Electric Meters, located in the basement. 

The premises of the building provides a natural and mechanical ventilation. Inflow of fresh air in a residential area is carried out through the valves located in the outer wall of the building. general ventilation system in the bathrooms and in the kitchen area is carried out on air through the main risers. 

Telephone, Internet, TV
The building has a low voltage connection and cable TV

Security measures
Intercom near the entrance doors of buildings and apartments. CCTV. 


Floor: hallway, kitchen, living room, bedroom
Laminate with a sound insulation layer 

Floor: bathrooms, WC
Tile, waterproofing, heated floors on the ground floor 

Floor: balconies
The concrete floor finishing

Rīga, Teika, Biķernieku iela 16

Flat number Floor Room count Living area Balcony/terrace Total area Price
2 1 4 87.90 1.00 88.90 Sold
27 2 2 50.10 1.00 51.10 Sold
34 3 2 50.20 1.00 51.20 Sold
42 5 2 50.30 1.00 51.30 Sold
48 1 4 87.80 1.00 88.80 Sold

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