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Jurmala lilac - nature and the sea in your window you'll see!

Jurmala lilac - nature and the sea in your window you'll see!
Apartment complex consists of two buildings – a modern four-storey house with the sea view terraces in each apartment, and a beautifully decorated wooden detached house with a spacious terrace and a massive porch (a reconstructed cultural and historical monument of the beginning of 20th century), located on the street side.   Apartment complex is located in Dubulti (the oldest part of Jurmala), close to the sea, in a dune area, surrounded by pine trees.

Dubulti – Jurmala’s part with the most beautiful architecture and creative recreation possibilities.   Dubulti is the oldest part of Jurmala spa city, an administrative centre. Here the first spa guests were welcomed already in 1812. Barclay de Tolly built the first summer house in 1832. In 1848 the first spa place was opened in Jurmala. Near it a beautiful garden was established were guests of the spa could enjoy grand garden festivals with thousands of lights, theater and opera performances and Swedish breakfasts.   In 1870 in Dubulti dune area was established the private sanatorium Marienbad. Dubulti spa and recreation places have welcomed Russian imperior’s family members and many other famous and wealthy elite representatives of that time.   Jurmala’s Dubulti has an exquisite and beautifully decorated wooden architecture.   Between Dubulti and Majori, there is located a summer residence of President of the Republic of Latvia, nearby located Aspazija’s house (famous Latvian writer and poetess), built in 1903, an Art Nouveau Lutheran Church with a Mideval Romanticism style turret and a fairy house „Undine” with extraordinary wooden sculptures. At Rūdolfa Blaumaņa 15, there is one of the oldest buildings of Dubultu historical center with a massive porch and eminent wooden columns. Evening stroll along Dubulti streets will bring undoubtedly an aesthetic pleasure.   Dubulti was a home for such famous people as Rainis and Aspazija, a prominent couple of Latvian writers, many Russian writers and poets such as Ivan Goncharov, an author of the novel „Oblomov”, a poetess Anna Ahmatova, a poet Arseny Tarkovsky, an actor, screenwriter and a director Vasily Shukshin etc.

Modern four-storey building has 11 apartments in total. Areas of apartments vary from 53 – 131 m2. Each apartment has a spacious terrace with the view to the sea. Building has an elevator.  First floor apartments are sold with the attached land plot in the dune area.   Building is constructed of reinforced concrete with an advanced insulation technology. Windows and doors are made of triple glass units thus ensuring better sound and heat insulation.   House has a centralized gas heating system and a centralized water heating.   Each of the apartments has its own conditioning system and ventilation system with recuperation. Each of the apartments has Internet and TV connection.   House has an underground parking with an entrance to the inner hall of the house; and an open space parking.  All apartments have final finishing and an interior design project. An individual design project development is possible according to the client’s needs.   Historical building: technical description and amenities   Two storey wooden house (total area: 250 m2) is an example of historical wooden architecture of Dubulti with a spacious veranda and lucrative wooden decorations on a facade which have been carefully renovated.   A house is a detached living space with its own kitchen, guest room and glazed veranda on the first floor, several bedrooms on the second floor and a basement with a recreation space, a laundry room, a storage room, and a sauna.   Interior of the house is harmonized with the exterior architecture. However house has modern windows with triple glass units thus ensuring better sound and heat insulation. House has an exit to the common underground parking.

Jūrmala, Dubulti, Ceriņu iela 3

Flat number Floor Room count Living area Balcony/terrace Total area Price
1 1 3 70.00 - 70.00 367,120 €
2 1 3 71.00 - 71.00 370,240 €
3 1 2 54.00 - 54.00 280,280 €
4 2 3 70.00 35.00 105.00 571,675 €
5 2 3 72.00 33.00 105.00 620,200 €
6 2 3 68.00 20.00 88.00 507,650 €
8 3 3 68.00 33.00 101.00 593,250 €
10 4 4 135.00 84.00 219.00 1,235,150 €
11 4 3 69.00 36.00 105.00 623,520 €

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