Feel the breeze in the very heart of Riga!

49 apartments in Klīversala, on the shore of the Daugava, with a view to the panorama of Old Riga and its towers.

Ranging from 56 to 316 m², all apartments come with spacious terraces. 

Prices for apartments start at 3,700 and reach 6,600 euros per sq.m. It is also possible to purchase a parking space for one or two cars and also a utility room. Ask for prices for apartments of interest to you personally.  

The ground floor apartments are designed as town-houses built on two storeys. They will have a private outer space, creating the sense of a private house in the very centre of Riga. 

An interesting fact: the green area of the territory features a multitude of trees and shrubs such as mountain pine, black alder, barberry, black elder, birch, rowan-tree, guelder rose, etc.

The construction is expected to be finished at the end of 2017. 

A centre within the city centre

The district of Klīversala is located in the most picturesque part of the centre of Riga, enclosed by the River Daugava and the Bay of Āgenskalns with a promenades for leisurely walks along them.

Victory Park is 5 minute walk away and will give the chance to enjoy various outdoor activities in the fresh air in winter or summer time. The close proximity of water provides a unique opportunity to make use of water transport and the yacht club services. The Old Town is a mere 7-minute walk away.

All residents will have access to the greened territory of the Klīversala district, children’s playground and a boat dock . At the nearby hotel, the residents can enjoy balneotherapy procedures or actively participate in sports and yoga classes in a most modern sports club in Riga. Next door, the National Library of Latvia offers a wide variety of cultural experiences.

The River Breeze Residence and the adjacent territory have been included in the long-term development strategy of Riga for the period until year 2030 as a high added value territory, which will be developed because it is located within the UNESCO heritage protection area. 

Architect of the project Ventis Didrihsons says:

We believe that the concept of the building is unique due to the clear-cut structure of its volume and the notable dimensionality, which will be accentuated by the play between light and shadows. The building is designed to maximally open the dwelling spaces toward the premium panoramic views along the perimeter of the building: Old Riga, the Daugava, the bay of Āgenskalns and Klīversala.

The building’s visual appearance bears evidence of contemporary architecture, which has been created using the most modern and technologically advanced materials and construction methods. The view to the picturesque silhouette of the Old Town makes the project invaluable. 

All apartments are fully fitted out using contemporary materials from the latest collections of Italian and German manufacturers. The microclimate in each apartment is supported by a modern ventilation system and air conditioners, which the owner’s can adjust to their own liking. For the convenience of residents, there are private storage spaces on the lower under ground floor, as well as an underground car park on two levels, which will allow the surrounding area to be kept car-free. 

Rīga, Klīversala, Kuģu iela 28

Flat number Floor Room count Living area Balcony/terrace Total area Price
A6/2,Dz 6 5 172.61 47.50 220.11 Reserved
A6/3,Dz12 6 4 117.04 33.79 150.83 Sold
B2/2,Dz16 2 3 61.17 - 61.17 Sold
B5/2,Dz45 5 4 108.68 22.32 131.00 Reserved
C6/2,Dz36 6 4 137.38 38.50 175.88 Sold
C6/3,Dz37 6 5 132.65 42.94 175.59 Reserved
D3/2,Dz 3 4 108.97 25.09 134.06 Reserved
D3/3,Dz 3 4 123.98 23.44 147.42 Reserved
D4/2,Dz 4 4 233.00 50.01 283.01 Reserved
D5/2,Dz 5 3 108.68 22.32 131.00 Reserved
D5/3,Dz 5 4 123.32 22.20 145.52 Reserved
D6/2,Dz 6 4 167.96 39.85 207.81 Reserved
TH/9,Dz 39 1 4 161.39 23.50 184.89 Sold

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