ID:57688 Rīga, Centrs, Hanzas iela

About the project Hanzas Rezidence is a four-storey building with a finished project, with the total area of 1100 m2 and a 16-car parking lot and a private park territory. Hanzas Rezidence is an elegant historical building with an already finished reconstruction project, with a useful space of 1100 m2, including an exclusive penthouse on the 4th floor. It is worth noting that there is a park with a summerhouse on the territory of the adjacent area of the building, as well as a 30-car parking lot. The main idea behind the project is the creation of a premium class residential building that meets all the needs of modern people, as well as the improvement of the urban environment, whose landscape and historical aspects have been thoroughly examined in the project development phase. Newest materials were used in order to create a neutral background for the historical foundations of the building, thereby creating unity between two time periods. Location A quiet downtown area is a legendary location in which the features of the contemporary buildings are in harmony with the architectural masterpieces of the XIX century. Most of the buildings in this quiet downtown area are featured in UNESCO's World Heritage List.


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1,100,000 €



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