Jaunā Teika

This is the place where you are created – a clever, dynamic city-dweller with your finger on the pulse, creating, working, living and enjoying yourself. Jaunā Teika is about you - people with drive, d

Here you sleep, grow, get inspired, spend time with those that are close to you. Here you are enriched, you develop, and get ready for a new day. We have built our building on a site where fearless, creative and open minds have been active for a long time. Fresh and new innovations have sprung up all around here – this is one of the most inspiring places in Riga.

Long before creativity and innovation became the leading trends in the world, way back, THAT was already happening here – here they were manufacturing, inventing, living and watching films in the most modern cinema of its time.

This is the place where you are created – a clever, dynamic city-dweller with your finger on the pulse, creating, working, living and enjoying yourself. Jaunā Teika is about you - people with drive, dreams, intelligence and talent. The main priorities of the Jaunā Teika development are energy efficiency, functionality and accessibility. During the construction process, special attention is paid to modern technologies and the use of engineering solutions to maintain an economic use of energy resources. The living spaces are designed in a way to let in as much natural light as possible and to provide protection against street noise. Jaunā Teika’s location is ideally placed for access to the main activity points of the city, leisure attractions and entertainment venues. Furthermore, Jaunā Teika’s pricing policy makes it affordable for a large range of buyers, including young families.

Jaunā Teika is a striking, smart area next to Riga’s main core – Brīvības street. Built in a historically legendary area, its where the industrial and creative area of VEF meets the refinement of Teika. Jaunā Teika is specifically designed to be a dynamic urban environment, bringing together excellent business spaces, apartment buildings and recreation areas. The area’s contemporary nature lies in its unique ability to balance living and working spaces offering the best resources for the well-being and development of both those who work here as well live here.

Jaunā Teika continues local traditions by building on the local skills of uniting business and culture with a supportive lifestyle environment. Everything that is created here goes to support the dreams and goals of its community. Here you live and create. Jaunā Teika's location is ideal for people to whom proximity to the city center and availability of a dynamic neighborhood is of high importance. Situated in the very dynamic part of the city, Jaunā Teika, experiencing the revival of the district with shopping centers, banks, state institutions, a new cultural center, restaurants and cafés. In the area of Jaunā Teika, there is already a restaurant and coffee shop operator. Another new family restaurant hosted by EcoCatering chef, Rihards Frīdenbergs Kalniņš will be opened in Jaunā Teika by the end of 2015.

Two apartment buildings have already been completed and are homes for 330 families. In 2009, the Europa business center received recognition as the best office building design. Over the next five years, Jaunā Teika will add new space and facilities for those living and working in the local area. In a 35,000s q. m. area, 500 one, two, three and four room apartments will be built. Comfortable, light and quiet 35 to 115sq. m apartments will be available, each with panoramic windows and balconies. Right next door, 55,000 sq.m. will be available for offices, restaurants, a fitness club, shops and various service providers.

 The first 16-storey mixed-use building will be completed in the summer of 2015. The total area of 10,000 sq.m. will house 102 apartments and 3,500 sq.m. of office space.

Rīga, Teika, Ropažu iela 12

Flat number Floor Room count Living area Balcony/terrace Total area Price
1 5 2 42.00 8.00 50.00 Sold
9 11 2 43.70 8.00 51.70 Sold
12 11 2 48.00 8.00 56.00 Sold
13 12 2 42.00 8.00 50.00 Sold
15 12 3 68.00 8.00 76.00 Sold
16 13 2 43.60 8.00 51.60 Sold
17 13 3 61.80 8.00 69.80 Sold
18 13 3 69.30 8.00 77.30 Sold
19 13 2 27.00 8.00 35.00 Sold
20 13 3 67.40 8.00 75.40 Sold
21 14 2 43.70 8.00 51.70 Sold
22 14 3 63.10 8.00 71.10 Sold
23 14 3 69.30 8.00 77.30 Sold
24 14 2 48.00 8.00 56.00 Sold
25 14 3 68.70 8.00 76.70 Sold
26 15 2 42.00 8.00 50.00 Sold
28 15 3 62.00 8.00 70.00 Sold
29 15 2 46.70 8.00 54.70 Sold
30 15 3 68.70 8.00 76.70 Sold
31 16 3 61.00 8.00 69.00 Sold
33 16 3 79.50 8.00 87.50 Sold
35 16 3 58.10 8.00 66.10 Sold

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