The Ideal Home - Saliena offers its future residents a wide range of options to suit every taste and budget, detached family homes and elegant town houses.

We have planned and designed everything right down to the tiniest details: from the original exterior facades through to the surrounding environment, with wide driveways, manicured lawns, parks and playgrounds. Large panoramic windows, spacious terraces and balconies visually expand the space, creating a sense of intimacy with the green surroundings. The spacious interiors of our contemporary apartments are literally drenched in sunlight, creating a warm and cosy mood.

For our most discerning clients, Saliena also offers the services of our professional interior designers. They work closely with each client individually, to create their ideal dream interior.

Those who want a more private lifestyle and dream of their own home with a garden and leisure area will find luxurious houses in Saliena with varying floor, bedroom and bathroom configurations. We have carefully considered the plan for every house on offer, so you can enjoy the maximum possible benefit from all rooms.

Using each square metre rationally, we have succeeded in ensuring that there are no wasted areas, which makes these houses particularly valuable. The houses and gardens are also positioned for maximum comfort and privacy, whilst offering tranquil green views and receiving maximum daylight.

Clients can further enhance their homes by choosing additional options to suit their needs. i. e. ‘Energy Efficiency’ package, ‘Comfort’ package and ‘My Garden’ package.

Town houses are becoming increasingly popular in Saliena, which follows the trend in other growing European towns. Saliena offers modern houses with a rational and streamlined  layout, and a well-planned surrounding environment.

All Saliena town houses have large panoramic windows, a cosy terrace opening on to the garden, and spacious balconies. The area around the house is big enough for you to plant your favourite flowers and shrubs, arrange a children's playground and hold picnics with friends outdoors. Every town house has a carport, and the driveway to each house is fully paved.

Riga – Right Next Door! In Riga city centre, you will find large shopping malls and high-street stores, as well as designer shops and Latvian boutiques. Expensive restaurants with unique cuisine stand next to pretty cosy cafés, and theatres, galleries and concert halls alternate with trendy nightclubs and bars. Riga has everything you need for relaxed and fun leisure time.

At the Beach- Renowned for its restorative pine-scented air, Jurmala also offers clean beaches, safe swimming and sporting activities such as surfing or kiting. A wide range of cafés and restaurants provide something to suit every taste, and the busy Dzintari Concert Hall has a wide range of entertainment options during the summer months. The Sea ‘Around the Corner’ , SPA Complexes, The Cultural Programme in Jurmala, Active Leisure

Riga International Airport  Riga International Airport is just 10 minutes by car from Saliena, but it’s far enough away so that it does not affect Saliena’s residents

Education Saliena is home to ISL (International School of Latvia), which offers lessons in English in accordance with the ‘International Baccalaureate’ programme for children from 3-19 years.

Parks and playgrounds Private recreational zones that are exclusively available to Saliena’s residents have been installed in accordance with the very highest requirements, and are maintained in top condition throughout the year. Recreation areas - Saliena’s forest park (12ha) and Garden park with fountain.

Transport links -  In terms of traffic, Saliena is ideally located near the main road connecting Riga (20 minutes by car) and Jurmala (5 minutes by car). It is also close to Riga International Airport, which can be reached in approximately 10 minutes. If necessary, it is possible to use public transport services and get to the centre of Riga by bus. The closest bus stop is a 3 minute walk from Saliena. Buses run at intervals of 15-20 minutes, 3-4 times an hour. Babīte Railway Station is also a 10 minute drive away.

Security Saliena residents enjoy order and peace of mind due to the 24/7 security post within the territory of the living area. The territory is equipped with CCTV cameras, while a mobile team constantly surveys the area and rapidly responds to violations of order.

WiFi Workaholics can stay connected, making use of the free Wi-Fi access, which is available throughout Saliena’s entire territory.

Maintenance of the Saliena territory is carried out by a professional team, providing the highest standard of service in the field. Upon request, the company provides a full range of cleaning and maintaining services, even during the long-term absence of the client

At Saliena, all infrastructure and facilities are not only of the highest quality, but are also carefully planned. Every house has access to the supply of gas and power, water mains and a sewerage system.

An optical telecommunications cable guarantees fast Internet and digital television. Residents of houses will really appreciate the centralised lawn sprinkling system. Saliena’s road traffic system was established in consultation with Swedish traffic specialists from the ‘Tyrens’ urban planning company, who have taken every care to ensure the road traffic in Saliena is as safe as possible, and in planning the road system, have also taken into consideration the psychological characteristics of drivers and walkers.

Rīgas raj., Babītes nov., Babītes pag., Piņķi, Priedaines iela 2

Flat number Floor Room count Living area Balcony/terrace Total area Price
1 4 227.00 - 227.00 Sold
2 4 190.00 - 190.00 Sold
3 4 178.00 - 178.00 215,000 €
5 4 190.00 - 190.00 Sold
6 4 190.00 - 190.00 Sold
8 5 256.00 - 256.00 Sold
9 5 304.00 - 304.00 362,000 €
9 5 212.00 - 212.00 Sold
11 4 178.00 - 178.00 Sold
11 4 212.00 - 212.00 277,000 €
13 4 212.00 - 212.00 269,000 €
14 4 178.00 - 178.00 Sold
15 4 227.00 - 227.00 Sold
16 4 227.00 - 227.00 Sold

Rīgas raj., Babītes nov., Babītes pag., Piņķi, Priedaines iela 9

Flat number Floor Room count Living area Balcony/terrace Total area Price
2-2 4 115.00 20.00 135.00 158,000 €
4-1 4 114.00 20.00 134.00 158,000 €
2 4 116.00 20.00 136.00 Sold
3 4 104.00 30.00 134.00 194,000 €
5 4 124.00 10.00 134.00 194,000 €
7 4 109.00 30.00 139.00 Sold

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