In offer for sale exclusive apartments with full finish in the new 9-apartment deluxe clubhouse in Riga.

In offer for sale exclusive apartments with full finish in the new 9-apartment deluxe clubhouse in Riga, which has been built by the woodside of the magnificent pine forest, near the Jugla Lake,  in a prestigious district Jugla, on 9 Kveles street.

The location of the house ideally combines the developed infrastructure and the picturesque, ecologically clean nature within the limits of the city.

In order to finish the building and the apartments, high-quality expensive materials have been used.

A four-storey club-type dwelling house includes 9 apartments with 31.4 to 111.2 sq.m. of floor space.

The total living space of the house is 737.1 sq.m., the total floor space of the house is 1361.3 sq.m.

In the basement there is a parking lot with 418 sq.m. of floor space available for 12 cars, as well as self-storages for different items with 34.7 sq.m. of total area.

The area of the land lot is 1200 sq.m.

All the apartments are available with full finishing.

High-quality, expensive materials are used for the finishing of the house and the apartments.  

The house is located in Riga, in a prestigious district Jugla, at the intersection of Kveles street and Murjanu street, on 9 Kveles street.  The distance to Riga centre – 8 km.

The location of the house is a perfect blend of a developed urban infrastructure and a picturesque ecologically pure nature within the city.

 The house is located on the fringe of a big pine forest Shmerli not far from the Jugla lake. The wide apartment windows open to the forest, which is particularly charming at sunset.   

The district of the residential estate has a fully-developed urban infrastructure, nearby there are shops, pharmacies, a school, a kindergarten, a policlinic, a hospital, cafeterias, etc. Two km away from the house there is a hypermarket „Alfa”.

Architectural part

The house is L-shaped and it has a courtyard area. The house has four storeys, in the basement there is an underground parking lot.

Every apartment on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th storey has a recessed balcony. Each apartment is oriented towards at least two cardinals. Each apartment has high and wide windows which gives the interior a lot of light and space, and makes one feel close to nature, so amazingly beautiful every time of the year!     

The ventilated façade of the building has a modern design and is decorated with the Spanish façade stone tiles, glass panels made of the red hot glass and on the inside covered with a special sunfast, UV-resistant paint, and decoration plaster.  

Constructive part

reinforced concrete foundation;
monolith reinforced concrete framing;
monolith reinforced concrete floor;
apartment windows: plastic double-glazed windows “Rehau”.

Engineering communications

power supply: new connection to the existing electrical station (Latvenergo)
water supply and sewerage: municipal supply (Rigas Udens);
heat supply: municipal central heating (Rigas Siltums);
installation of land-line services (Lattelecom);
Internet connection (Lattelecom);
Air conditioning supply system in the apartments;
watt-hour meters for every apartment are installed in the basement;
fire-fighting and security systems;
video surveillance system;
satellite TV;
house intercom.
Improvement of the territory

The courtyard area is designed as a comfortable and green recreation zone with decorative plants and a playground. The territory around the house is filled up with green lawns and trees which blend in with the neighbouring pine forest.

From the Kveles street there is an entrance to the underground parking lot.

House-fronts and the interior zone is beautifully lit by decorative lighting fixtures and lanterns. 

Public areas

In the house there is one entrance with a quiet elevator “Schindler”. In the basement there are self-storages for every apartment. Also, in the basement there is a guard room, heating unit and utility rooms.         

Underground garage 

An underground parking lot with 418 sq.m. of floor space is available for 12 cars. Parking spaces are marked and numbered. The garage entrance ramp is heated and does not freeze. There is an exit from the garage to the Kveles street.  


All the apartments come with full finishing:

internal partition walls made of double-layer gypsum wallboard, acoustic insulation, painted;
gypsum wallboard ceilings, painted;
two-layer finnish oak parquet “Uppofloor” floors;
bathroom facilities are fully equipped – bath tubs, water closets, Kohler sinks, Hansgrohe pipes and taps;  
floors in the bathroom units are covered with the Portuguese tiles, the floors are heated, there are additional light panels, which provide a natural daylight effect;
oak room doors;
wooden entrance door with acoustic insulation with a lock;
kitchen areas have a water supply, sewerage, air conditioning and electricity connection;
hot and cold water-meters are installed in every apartment;
TV and telephone cables and Internet connection is provided;
ventilation – natural, mechanical air vent in the kitchens and bathroom units; 
heat supply – German-made low heat convectors Jaga are fitted in the window apertures;
extendible frameless glassing of the recessed balconies, the floors in the recessed balconies are covered with the Portuguese tiles; 
in every apartment, there is a place provided for air conditioner installation and plugging.

The ceiling height in the apartments is 2.90 m.

Rīga, Jugla, Kvēles iela 9

Flat number Floor Room count Living area Balcony/terrace Total area Price Plan
1 1 2 59.00 - 59.00 Sold
2 1 2 50.50 - 50.50 Sold
5 2 4 111.00 - 111.00 Sold
6 3 3 87.80 - 87.80 Sold
7 3 3 110.80 - 110.80 Sold
8 4 3 87.80 - 87.80 Sold
9 4 3 111.20 - 111.20 Sold

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