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Rīga, Ziepniekkalns, Ozolciema iela 16/7

460,000 €

8524.00 m2


Rīga, Ziemeļblāzma, Jaunciema gatve 233

150,000 €

7000.00 m2

Sale of land adjacent to the Jaunciema gatve for 60 meters, on the side of the lake, near the station Ziemelblazma. From the site to the lake approxim…


Rīga, Ziepniekkalns, Valdeķu iela 50

250,000 €

1057.00 m2


Rīga, Vecāķi, Vecāķu prospekts 195

182,500 €

1921.00 m2

The land is located in an excellent location - the land is 800m from the sea, in the private sector, surrounded by parks and pine forest. The land is …


Rīga, Zolitūde, Zalves iela 74

110,000 €

2000.00 m2

Sale of land intended for the construction of a private house. Land area - 2000 square meters. All communications - gas, electricity, water. At quarte…


Jelgavas raj., Ozolnieku nov., Ozolnieku pag., Ozolnieki

90,000 €

42000.00 m2

"Vecgulbji", Ozolnieki district. Sale of land, which is located near the river "Misa" and not far from Jelgava and Ozolnieki. The plot is suitable for…


Rīgas raj., Carnikavas nov., Carnikava

145,000 €

13900.00 m2

"Kraukli" District Carnikava. Sale of the land. According to territorial planning - grounds for mixed type of housing estates and business offices. Ma…


Tukuma raj., Engures nov., Engures pag., Engure

200,000 €

7300.00 m2

For sale exclusive land in the city Engure. The land is located behind the port and lighthouse, the beautiful sandy beach. Urban infrastructure and am…


Rīga, Centrs, Brīvības iela 104

400,000 €

759.00 m2

Land for sale at the address - Brivibas street 104, together with the construction project of multi-storey, multi-family buildings. The approximate la…

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