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7 reasons for investing in Riga

Riga is a city which has a strong potential for development, and is at present the driving force of the Latvian economy, as well as a significant metropolis of the Baltic sea region.

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Tukuma raj., Engures nov., Engures pag., Engure

3,250,000 €

Sale of the property, which consists of 50 hectares of land and is located just 100 meters from the Gulf of Riga, in Apshuciems. Based on the territor …


Tukuma raj., Engures nov., Engures pag., Engure

630,000 €

Property for sale with a total area of 7.4 hectares, which is currently divided into 15 plots (street Eglu 1 to Eglu 15). Each plot of 5000 square met …


Rīga, Maskavas priekšpilsēta, Kalna iela

190,000 €

For sale spacious building, which can be used for different purposes, like office space, manufacturing, sales, as a warehouse and so on. The building …


Rīgas raj., Carnikavas nov., Carnikava

949,500 €

Investment object is in Carnikava, 500 meters from the Gulf of Riga and 25 km from Riga. Property Area 10.55 hectares. In accordance with the territor …


Jelgavas raj., Ozolnieku nov., Ozolnieku pag., Ozolnieki

100,000 €

"Vecgulbji", Ozolnieki district. Sale of land, which is located near the river "Misa" and not far from Jelgava and Ozolnieki. The plot is suitable for …


Rīga, Ziemeļblāzma, Jaunciema gatve

182,572 €

Sale of land adjacent to the Jaunciema gatve for 60 meters, on the side of the lake, near the station Ziemelblazma. From the site to the lake approxim …


Rīgas raj., Olaines nov., Olaines pag., Stūnīši, Svēteļu iela

90,000 €

Sale of land with the agreed project to build a house consisting of a 96-apartment, as well, the land can be built up by private houses. All communica …


Jūrmala, Asari, Dāvja iela

240,000 €

Sale of land, which in territorial planning can be built up with private houses, with 25% density construction. It is also possible to divide the enti …


Rīga, Šķirotava, Krustpils iela

86,000 €

Sale of the land on which the territorial planning can be used as a mixed area of business establishments.


Rīga, Iļģuciems, Slokas iela

923,250 €

Sale of land at the intersection of Sloka and Kuldigas, adjacent to the botanical garden of the University of Latvia. The plot is suitable for constru …

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